2010-2015 Honda Cr-v 2008-2012 Honda Accord Acura Tsx 2.4l Dohc Engine Jdm K24a

Please note that we work with used auto parts that may have some wear and tear due to normal use. Scratches, surface imperfections, scuffs, dust, dirt/oxidized surface/some rust on the back/oil residue. All electric parts have been tested and work well. Unless item description states otherwise, all parts are from USA model vehicles with a left hand drive setup. Parts… Read more →


2010-2015 Honda Cr-v/ 2008-12 Honda Accord 2.4l Dohc Engine Jdm K24a Single Port

JDM Engines & Transmissions. PLEASE SPECIFY THIS ITEM ID. 40,000-50,000 Miles US Miles. 90 DAYS FROM RECEIVING. DALLAS JDM MOTORS 630 112th st. Motor Block & Head. Used replacement transmission- 45 Days. The engine and transmission must be installed by certified mechanic. Loss caused by modification or forced induction (NOS, Turbos, Suercharged) for which the engine was not designed for… Read more →