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Wrench Rabbit Engine Rebuild Kit For Honda CRF 150 R 07-09 WR101-177

Wrench Rabbit Complete Rebuild Kit in a Box. Convenient one stop shop in a box! Nearly all components required for a complete and professional rebuild. Vertex Piston Kit (standard compression piston, rings, pin and clips). Hot Rods Heavy Duty crank (stock stroke – includes wrist pin bearing for two strokes). Hot Rods main bearing/seal kit. Hot Rods transmission bearing kit… Read more →


2005 2006 Honda Odyssey 3.0l J30a Engine Replaces 3.5l J35a7 Ex-l Touring VCM

Welcome to the Foreign Engines Store – featuring JDM engines, transmissions, and used auto parts. Product info: 2005 2006 HONDA ODYSSEY 3.0L J30A ENGINE REPLACES 3.5L J35A7 EX-L TOURING VCM. JDM – 3.0L REPLACEMENT. REPLACES EX-L VIN 7 (8th digit) ONLY! Notes: JDM 3.0L RPLMNT. Important information: PLEASE NOTE: THERE ARE TWO DIFFERENT 3.5L J35A ENGINES IN 2005 2006 HONDA… Read more →